I'm Yasuhiro Sakamoto

I am a Founder,
CEO and Angel Investor
I write books,
and passion for work,
and help people

About Yasuhiro Sakamoto

Founder and CEO of My Consulting Co.,Ltd and UNITED Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiro is also an Angel investor at Jason's syndicate and FundersClub.
As a member of the Jason Syndicate,  has invested in over 40 startups to support their growth.

After working as an accountant at the head office of an interior construction company, he served as an executive at a major investment company and became independent in 2014 based in Japan. He has developed businesses in Korea, New Zealand, Mongolia, and the Philippines. He and his business partner established a Korean subsidiary to provide investment and financing to promising venture companies in Korea and abroad and is involved due diligence of IPO and ICO projects.He has a wide range of clients, including wealthy individuals, corporate executives, business people, and housewives, and utilizes his extensive experience as an executive at an investment management company to provide consulting services that thoroughly address the needs of each client.


I enjoy investing in companies with high potential and increase employment opportunities
as they continue to grow.

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